Privacy Policy

This privacy policy has been structured in a way to explain how the personal information of people is used online. Please go through our privacy policy for a better understanding on how we collect, safeguard and use your personal information for the overall performance of the website.

This website is an information site only. The website doesn’t substitute any physician or healthcare expert in any way. However, if you have any problems with the information posted on our site or if you are about to consider this information for your health decisions, contact a medical practitioner for more information on the same.

The details presented on the website and the submission forms do not signify health advice in any way that it has been included only for non-health intentions for people who need more information. When you use this website for any information, it does not mean that you are communicating with a health expert or we do not confirm appointments here for the same. For any queries, you will have to talk to a health specialist and get things cleared.

What personal information do we collect from our users?

When you register with your website, you will have to enter your name, email address, contact information and other details so that you could encounter an enhanced personal experience when you visit our website and also to derive the most out of the website for your ease.

When is the information collected?

We only collect information when you register with our website or subscribe to our newsletters or use our feedback forms for any queries. You will not be asked to reveal information involuntarily or without your knowledge exclusive of these cases.

How we use your information?

We might use your information for communication, newsletters and also for polls and surveys that could improve the features of the site in a better way. We might also use it for sending information on products and advanced services and to follow up after correspondence.

How is your information protected?

Our website is checked vigorously on a regular basis for any malware or any virus. We are very much committed about protecting your personal information and hence we store it in secure networks which are accessible only by a few persons and not by any third party websites. In addition, we use SSL technology and variety of other safety measures for security during transactions.

Cookie policy

We do use cookies to enhance your browsing experience on our website. Cookies are general bits of information that might be stored on your computer temporarily or permanently. For example, your name and email address could be stored in those cookies so that you need not really enter those when you visit the website after the first time. In these cases, it is also in your right to disable the cookies completely. But we would also like to mention that disabling cookies might affect your browser experience and you might not be able to access all our features and services.

Third Party Disclosure

We do not trade, transfer or send your personal information to any third parties for any purposes.

Google Ads

Our website makes use of Google Advertising principles to provide a positive website experience to our users. Google, as our third party vendor uses cookies like DART on our site to track your previous site visits and also other sites on the Internet. The enhanced user experience is provided based on the information collected with these cookies.

We also use Google first party cookies and other third party cookies to gather data on user interactions and other functions related to our website. However, you can always set your own preferences on how Google advertisements are shown to you by changing the settings on Google Ad page.

Online Privacy Protection Act

We have posted a privacy policy as per the Online Privacy Protection Act for the customers or users to be well aware of how their information is being used. You can easily find this page on our website by clicking on it. This website operates based on the law of the ground that stretches guidelines for using personal information of users in a way harmless for both the parties.

Changes in Privacy Policy

You will be informed on the changes in the Privacy Policy through mail. You can also change your personal information by emailing us on the same from your account. We would be processing your request ticket as soon as possible.

Does our site track Signals and allow Third Party behavioral tracking?

We allow third party behavioral tracking on our website but we also honor Do not track signals procedures on our website.

Children Online Privacy Protection Act

As per the COPPA, we do not provide information on this website for any individuals below the age of 13. As per the COPPA, we have in place all measures to safeguard the children’s privacy online. However, parents are put in control if information is collected from people below the age of 13 on this website.

Online Security

We are highly committed towards protecting your information and hence, we have in place both the electronic and physical measures for the safety and security of your information. Our measures satisfy all industry standards and procedures with the implementation of Fair Information Practices. Understanding the principles of Fair Information Practices is important to abide by various privacy laws in accordance with the protection of personal information.

As per the principles of Fair Information practices, in case of a data breach, we promise to take the following actions.

  • Notify you about the data breach via email within 7 days
  • Notify users through the site notification within 7 days after the data breach.
  • We also abide by the principle that every individual has the right to pursue the case legally under the court of law against the data collectors in the case of a data breach.

Email Address

We collect information on your email address to send you emails after the initial transaction or to send promotions and newsletters. As per the CAN-SPAM Act, we agree not to

  • use false subjects in the email
  • send unreasonable advertisements
  • send emails without our physical address

By this Act, we also honor your unsubscribe requests and tend to process it immediately. Hence, if you wish to unsubscribe from our services, you can very well click the unsubscribe option at the bottom of the email anytime and we would remove you from all correspondence immediately.

Contact us

You can always send us an email or fill in the submission forms to contact us on any doubts in the privacy policy or for any other purposes. We will try our best to respond to your queries at the earliest.