How to tackle Constipation when on Phentermine medication?

When a person takes Phentermine medication there are chances to get affected by Constipation which is a side effect of this weight loss drug. When Constipation occurs in a person, it can, in turn, lower the chance of losing weight too. Do not have any worries as we are going to help you to tackle the side effect and get the most of the benefits from the medication.

Why constipation occurs when Phentermine medication is taken?

Constipation means there is no bowel movement or very little compared to the usual one. Taking this medication would stimulate the nervous system, as a result, it would cause dehydration. If a person experiences dehydration it would again lead to constipation. The reason behind this is that there would not be enough water in the body hence it would be tough to eject wastes through stools and these contain 75%water.

Apart from this, Constipation is also caused due to stress, depression, and anxiety. These are also the side effects of Phentermine. People should have a check before they order phentermine online from the online pharmacies. People take only less amount of food which eventually slows down the digestive system causing constipation.

Some online pharmacies will provide fake pills to the peoples those who do not have a prescription. It is always important to have a Phentermine prescription and buy it from a reliable online drugstore. Taking prescribed weight loss medication might not lead to constipation.

What are the measures that should be taken to avoid constipation while taking Phentermine?

  • Drink excess water

Intake of water would also increase the weight loss action. Drinking water would be part of a healthy lifestyle. If you experience constipation then you have to increase the amount of water taken daily.

  • Exercise

No exercise would only increase the severity of Constipation. Moderate to vigorous exercise would be good and it also increases the bowel movements. On the other hand, doing workouts would also help you to lose weight at a faster rate.

  • Intake of fiber content foods

Take more fiber content foods in your diet.  More fiber is found in carbohydrates. Always prefer insoluble fiber over soluble fiber because they would help you with good bowel movements. Insoluble fiber is present mostly in fruits and vegetables. Taking these would not add weight but would help you to stay full without hunger. This is an advantage to combat constipation and make you get the benefit of Phentermine.

  • Reduce stress

As we said earlier, stress would worsen the constipation condition; people need to take measures to reduce it. Doing yoga, meditation or following stress management techniques could provide you with a helping hand. Do not worry about constipation or worry about being obese. Be relaxed and Phentermine would do the job for you.

  • Take Prunes

Prunes contain insoluble fiber in it. These are nothing but the dried plums that can be taken 6 to 12 pieces at a day. The intake of prune juice is also fine. There are chances that you would feel a positive effect on your bowel movement.

Constipation that the Phentermine medication triggers in a person can be easily handled by a person. Follow a proper healthy diet and follow the above-mentioned techniques; you can easily get rid of constipation. Not only while on Phentermine medication, but the above-mentioned factors are good for a person in general.