How to decrease tolerance to Phentermine

Whatever medication is taken by a person if the course duration is extended to a very long period then it is possible to develop tolerance. This can also happen when taking Phentermine medication. Tolerance is nothing but the body would get used to the drug thus would not provide the same effectiveness as before. There are certain ways to decrease tolerance that happened towards Phentermine pills.

Consult with a healthcare professional

If you feel that you no longer have control over your cravings or feel hungry a lot then it means that you have developed drug tolerance. It is very important to consult with a healthcare professional at this point in time.

There are some of the don’ts at this stage. Some people would double or increase the dosage strength of Phentermine and they would get the same effects as before. This should never be done as this would worsen your system leading to several ill effects.

Apart from this, you are also not supposed to stop taking Phentermine pills all of a sudden. Consulting with a medico would avoid these mishaps.

There are chances that the doctor would tell you to stop taking Phentermine medication for a while.

Suppose, if you can’t walk to the hospital, you can consult the doctor through online as there many online drugstores provide this service at free of cost. Get a prescription from the doctor and follow the dosage after a Phentermine purchase. This will help you not to suffer from any side effects.

What would happen if you quit taking Phentermine pills?

If you quit taking Phentermine pills as instructed by the medical specialist, it would help you in a better way. After a certain period of time, the traces of the medication in the body would be removed. Slow and steadily the body would reduce tolerance towards Phentermine medication.

After a certain period of time, a doctor would instruct you to start taking Phentermine pills again. At this point in time, it is possible for you to receive similar effects on the body which the weight loss medication once provided on you.

What should you eat while tapering Phentermine from the body?

When you were told to stop taking Phentermine pills, it is very important that you continue with the exercise as well as you have to eat right. It is sure that you would have lost some pounds with the help of Phentermine.

At this stage, it would be your responsibility to take measures in order to maintain the lost weight. This can be a practice for you as well. Once you quit taking Phentermine after achieving the needed weight loss, you have to eat in a proper way to maintain it.

Are there any chances that you do not decrease tolerance towards Phentermine?

No, if you do the things as per the instructions of a medico there is a chance for everyone to decrease the tolerance towards the Phentermine medication. Depending upon the person a doctor would prescribe to follow certain tapering methods.